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Questions & Answers
Q1. Who is eligible to apply?
  All foreign tourists to Malaysia on business or leisure travel.
Q2. What is the maximum age limit?
  The maximum age limit is 80 years old.
Q3. What is the maximum period of cover?
  The maximum period of cover is 90 days.
Q4. Can I extend my insurance cover after I have already arrived in Malaysia and cover has incepted?
  No. No extensions are allowed once your cover has been incepted.
Q5. What is a cashless hospital admission?
  This means that you don't have to pay deposits to the hospital if you are admitted to one of AXA's panel hospitals. We will pay, provided the nature of accident or illness is covered under the policy.
Q6. How do I claim for reimbursement of outpatient treatment?
  Complete and submit a claim form with supporting documents to AXA no later than 45 days upon return to your home country. Claim forms can be obtained from AXA offices, the KLIA or downloaded from AXA's website.
Q7. What does 24 hours free reverse-charge-call emergency hotline provide?
  It provides 24 hours medical advice via the telephone and reference to the nearest AXA panel hospitals. It will also arrange quick, cashless admission to AXA's panel hospitals across Malaysia.
Q8. Are there any differences in coverage between business and leisure travels?
  No. You are covered for all benefits insured under SmartSafe Traveller. However, you are not covered for any third party liability arising from your pursuit of any trade, business or profession when you are on business travel.
Q9. Are there any occupational exclusions for those travelling on business?
  Yes. We will not pay for any claims arising from your employment on any merchant vessels, in connection with naval, military, airforce service or operations, military or police duties, overseas secondment as part of your occupation, offshore activities like diving, oil rigging, mining, aerial photography, handling of explosives, flying as an air crew or manual work in connection with any trade, employment or profession.
Q10. Is terrorism covered?
  Yes. Terrorism is covered except for losses arising from terrorist acts using chemical / biological substances or where the insured person is participating in terrorist acts.
Q11. Is scuba diving covered?
  Yes. Scuba diving is covered without additional premium. However, you will not be covered if it involves part of your occupation i.e. you earn a living with it.
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