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More than just a booming oil and timber city – Miri is rapidly becoming Sarawak's most popular tourist destination. With its swinging nightlife, it is where the oil workers and weekend visitors from neighbouring Brunei escape to. As a resort city, Miri offers a wide range of accommodation from international class hotels to budget inns, good beaches and dozens of lively restaurants, pubs and bars.

Miri is also fast becoming an adventure city of its own as it is within easy reach of national parks, huge rivers and some of the best scuba diving in Borneo. For the dive enthusiasts, Eve's Garden, Santak Point, Kenyalang Rig, Tukau Drop Off and Siwa Reefs are not-to-be-missed if you want to see some of the most beautiful corals, turtles, variety of fishes and even the occasional shark. Sunken vessels such as Sri Gadong and Atago Maru, are also interesting.

A trip to Miri is not complete until you have gone on a shopping spree across its modern shopping malls, small handicraft shops near the old harbour and the native market opposite the main bus station that offers exotic jungle produce. Not-to-be-missed is also the town's most famous landmark – the grand Old Lady on top of Canada Hill, the first well to strike oil in 1910.

As gateway to the Northeast Region, Miri is an adventure city of every nature. The Mulu National Park is just 30 minutes by flight while Niah is two hours drive away. You can reach the world's most bio-diverse site at Lambir Hills in just 25 minutes. Half a day away is Loagan Bunut, a unique natural expanding and contracting lake, which is fast becoming a bird watcher's paradise. Then, from Miri you can reach the Bario Highlands by air in 40 minutes or travel by boat up the mighty Baram River and explore longhouses and villages along the way.

In Miri, don't forget to visit these places:-
  • Crocodile Farm. Located near the Kuala Baram Ferry Terminal, it is the first and the largest crocodile farm in the northern region of Sarawak. There are more than 1,000 salt and fresh water crocodiles in a 22 acres landscaped setting with natural breeding enclosures and man-made sanctuary ponds. Don't miss the feeding times on every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 am and 11.30 am; and at 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm. There is also a daily show orchestrated to satisfy the visitors' utmost curiosity about crocodiles.
  • Miri City Fan was built as part of the master plan for Miri to become a Healthy Resort City. A unique fan-shaped park, it is a world-class urban civic park with the setting for sport, educational and cultural activities. It includes a promenade, an amphitheatre, a musical fountain, a library and cultural centre, and various ethnic gardens. It provides superb social and recreational facilities for the public.
  • Miri Public Park is located about 3 km from the town centre along the Airport Road. There are flora gardens, souvenir centre, canteen, observatory platform, children's playground, exhibitions room, stone carving and sculptures, fountains, pavilions, jogging track and other sporting facilities.
  • The Grand Old Lady - Well No. 1. Situated on the top of the Canada Hill, the Grand Old Lady is the first oil well in Malaysia. It represents the petroleum history of Miri, which is almost a century old. This oil well is no longer in production and the Sarawak Government has declared it a protected historical site. There is an observatory platform where visitors can have an excellent view of Miri.
  • Tamu Muhibbah is the local market where fascinating products from the Sarawakian interior are sold and a place for the unusual, be it a new variety of red bananas, mangoes resembling turnips, brown and white rice from upstream Bario and jungle remedies made from exotic plants and animal bi-products. Visit this market and soak in the lively atmosphere of the natives.
  • Petroleum Museum in Bukit Telaga Minyak, exhibits photographs and information on the petroleum industry. Built in April 2003, the project was undertaken by the Sarawak Museums Department with Petronas and Sarawak Shell Berhad., which contributed RM5 million each.

    Opening hours:
    Tuesday – Sunday : 9 am to 5 pm (Last entry 4.30 pm)
    Friday : 9 am to 12 noon (12 pm-2pm -closed)
    2 pm to 5 pm (Last entry 4.30 pm)
    Monday : CLOSED
    Admission is free.
  • Luak Bay Esplanade. The esplanade is the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunset, enjoy the soothing breeze and the sound of the waves. Located at Luak, about 12 km from Miri city centre, it is fast becoming a favourite spot for picnics and for family outings on the sandy beach, especially during the weekends. Hawkers selling soft drinks, snacks and barbeque chicken wings at the car park also makes at interesting sight.
  • Miri Handicraft Centre. This is the Arts and Craft Centre of Miri and is housed in a historic building that was formerly the Miri Community Hall. The building history is colourful and many of the older generations in Miri would remember the numerous public events held here in the past such as state dinners, wedding receptions, community social events etc. Miri Handicraft Centre offers a wide variety of quality local handicrafts. It is overflowing with the products of nimble fingers: beadwork, pottery, woodcarving, basketry, mat making, hat making and textile crafts. Open from 9am - 6pm daily.
  • Beraya Beach. Shell collectors will not regret visiting this beach, located just 15 km from downtown Miri. It promises an exciting time and guaranteed satisfaction to collectors and visitors who wish to frolic on the seashore. Fossils of crabs from different species and other sea creatures are said to be in abundance here.
  • Hawaii Beach. The sight of fishing boats berthing at the river bank and fishermen selling their fresh catches is simply wonderful in this clean and sandy seaside spot. Hawaii Beach at Kampong Bakam, is one of the pristine, palm-fringed beach. This beach offers a perfect location to frolic or swim, to soak up the warm sun or simply enjoy the breeze under the coconut trees. This popular picnic spot is a hit with weekend visitors. There are also chalet-type accommodations for overnight stays splashing waves.
  • Flower Garden is situated opposite the Miri Post Office. The garden is planted with a variety of flowers with their names, characters, and species on the display cards. You can learn more about flowers and take some memorable photographs with the flora while visiting this garden.
  • Taman Selera is the oldest recreational park in Miri, situated at Brighton beach.It is located about 3 km from the city centre. Besides the golden sand beach, children's playground and outdoor facilities, there is an open-air food and drinks centre which is a popular eating place for the public. One can enjoy the beautiful sunset and listen to the sound of splashing wave. It can be reach within 5 minutes from the city centre.
  • Taoist Temple (San Ching Tian). Completed in the year 2000, the "San Ching Tian" is one of the largest Taoist temples in South East Asia. Situated in Krokop, the temple occupies 1.5 acres of land. This majestic and elegant building is full of oriental characteristics in its architectural design. The temple is only 4 km away from the city.
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