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Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan, a town famous for its pagoda-style leaning tower and unique steamed Chinese rice rolls (chee cheong fun). It is home to a derelict palace that used to house the Raja Dihilir of Perak. Rumours abound about the palace being haunted, especially since it is in the vicinity of Muslim and Chinese cemeteries and is located right next to a Christian burial ground. Trespassing the palace grounds is prohibited and it is unknown whether ghost hunters have successfully been there. It is the centre of Hilir Perak district and the third largest town of Perak state.

Although the name means "Diamond Bay", the town is not located near a bay. It is founded around the oxbow meander of the Perak River, making the town looks like near a bay. The locals believe that in the future, the river’s flow will erode the narrow neck of the land between the loops of the meander and turning the town into an island. Be sure not to miss:-

  • Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. The tower is built in 1885 by Mr. Leong Choon Cheong for the purpose as water tower, and as a beacon to guide ships into Teluk Intan Port. Later, it was used as local Boy Scouts’ Headquarter, and now, as the local tourist attraction. The tower was tilted due to the underground stream. The area around the tower was once shores water, but now was paved with bricks and become plaza.
  • Batu Tenggek (Growing Rock). This rock was believed to be placed by the British soldier originally in a size of a matchbox. This small rock grew bigger each year until it reaches the size of a boulder.
What & Where to Eat in Teluk Intan?
  • Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun (Non-Halal). Soft boiled noodle stuffed with seasoned pork. It is very different from the traditional Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun which usually stuffed with shrimps and serve wet. Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun normally served dry and with some green chili pickles.
  • Gulam Rasul (Halal). The largest Nasi Kandar stall in Teluk Intan, and it is the local favourite site during the lunchtime. It is well known for its delicious Nasi Kandar dishes.
  • Keng Heng Kopitiam. The old traditional Chinese kopitiam, selling various kind of mee and breakfast at morning, and there will be Nasi Kandar at lunchtime. During afternoon, there will be Wantan Mee and fish balls (homemade) and traditional kuih. It has been the locals’ favourite site due to the delicious traditional Chinese food they offer. There is a small photo gallery of the Teluk Intan Leaning Tower in this Kopitiam, which has more historical value than the photo gallery inside the Leaning Tower itself.
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