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Kuala Kangsar
Kuala Kangsar is the official royal town of Perak; it is home to the Raja Muda and Sultan of Perak (as of 2006). It was here that the first rubber tree was planted in the then Malaya, by the English botanist Henry Nicholas Ridley. This particular rubber tree still stands today in the compounds of the Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Kangsar. Be sure to see:-
  • Malay College Kuala Kangsar is one of the premier schools in Malaysia. It was founded by 4 sultans from the Negeri-Negeri Melayu Bersekutu (Federation of Malay States), as result of their desire to spearhead the future of Malays. They were Sultan Idris (Perak), Sultan Sulaiman (Selangor), and Sultan Ahmad (Pahang) dan Yang Dipertuan Besar Mohd Shah (Negeri Sembilan). Known as Eton of the East, it has produced a good number of Malay leaders and politicians.
  • The beautiful Ubudiah mosque was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, a government architect who is notably credited for the design of the Ipoh railway station and the Kuala Lumpur railway station. Construction began in 1910 but it was abandoned during World War I. It was also delayed when the then crown prince's elephant walked over and cracked the imported Italian marble floor. The mosque was finally completed in 1919.
  • The Sultan's Palace, Istana Iskandariah is another legacy of British architect serving in the then Malaya.
  • Clifford Secondary School or Sekolah Menengah Clifford, Kuala Kangsar was originally a Malay School which was started in 1897. In that same year, it was referred as the Government English School and also called Hogan School in recognition of its first headmaster, one James Percival Charles Hogan.
  • Sultan Abdu Jalil bridge which connects the town of Kuala Kangsar to Sayong where village craftsmen produce the Labu Sayong.
  • Kuala Kangsar Clock Tower right in the middle of the town, which incidentally serves as the round-about for traffic management.
  • Labu Sayong, a traditional water pitcher (containers) for storing drinking water are a cottage industry in Kampong Sayong. Interestingly, these water containers provide natural refrigeration and the water stored are cold when kept overnight in the container. See how they are made by driving to the village.
What & Where to Eat in Kuala Kangsar?
Kuala Kangsar is a relaxing town where visitors can have an enjoyable day with few worries about the daily schedules
  • Laksa while available in many parts of Malaysia, with slight variations, one unique feature of the Kuala Kangsar Laksa is the Laksa, (the vermicelli, or "meehoon" itself. Almost all the Laksa vendors here serve their "laksa vermicelli" freshly made. Thus, the texture is more savouring compared to the dried vermicelli which is first soaked prior to being served. The Laksa stalls (Medan Selera Sungai Perak) are quite popular among the locals here.
  • Masak Lemak Ikan Patin a delicious Malay dish, served with rice. The Ikan Patin (a river fish of the cat fish family) is cooked in coconut milk with herbs, spices and cadmiums with the formidable "cili api" (Thai pepper). Small eateries along the Tebing of the town serve this dish. Find the jetty for the passenger boat to Sayong and these eateries can never be missed.
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